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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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History & Background of Dashboard

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In Summer 2021 the AOI Working Group recommended to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs that a communication method be created for students, staff, faculty, and the university community so everyone can be informed and updated when PIH incidents occur.

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Protected Identity Harm (PIH) Launch & More

This page was launched in April 2022 with the hope to meet four goals of:

  • Timely reporting of reportable incidents
  • Transparent and aggregate information
  • An easily and readily accessible online presence
  • To specifically address what happened in an incident and how the University is responding to it

There are filters for protected classes and tags for three statuses: recent, reviewing, review completed. Each incident will include information about what happened, what is being done, and if students or others need to take certain actions, those will be included as well. Additionally, these sections will be updated accordingly as additional steps are taken. Specific names and identifiers will likely be redacted.

The staffs of the Office of Inclusion, Community and Integrative Learning and the Dean of Students will be the ultimate decision-makers of the content for this site and will make those decisions in consultation with the Office of the General Council, the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Institutional Access and Equity (which includes SHARE Title IX), and other offices as needed. This is a work in progress and your feedback is appreciated!. Please email us with questions or feedback. 

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Community PIH Incidents & Updates Dashboard

This dashboard only includes PIH incidents that are crimes, harassment or unlawful discrimination. We will respond to all reported PIH incidents and we recognize all incidents have harmful impacts, even if they do not rise to these levels. Learn more details on the incidents included on the dashboard.

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Remember, the PIH Reporting process is focused on ensuring that students are seen and heard.

Regardless of whether an incident meets the criteria for a Community PIH incident it should be reported and for students, should receive a response through our process.

Report an Incident