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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

The Dish in the Stanford foothills at dusk. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Important Announcements

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We are always looking to improve the protected identity harm (PIH) process. Here you can review important announcements. 

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March 2022

We recently launched a webpage summarizing significant PIH incidents that can potentially affect the university community at large. The site was developed with and for students and provides an easily and readily accessible online resource describing what happened and how the university is responding. Three examples from the past year are included, and additional items will be added in real time should they occur. Find out more about what incidents are included and why on the dashboard

October 2021

See a news story about our renewed commitment to this process.

September 2021

After several months of benchmarking, research and discussion, the AOI Working Group made a recommendation to the Vice Provost of Student Affairs to rename the Acts of Intolerance process in an effort to counter what felt misleading and outdated. The approved process will now be called Protected Identity Harm (PIH) Reporting. We hope that the new name captures the vision and intention of addressing harm to individuals and communities.