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Anti-LGBTQ+ Theft in Undergraduate Residence (06/24/23)

Review Completed

What Happened

On Saturday, June 24, a floor mat outside the private door of a student in an undergraduate dorm that said "Gayest place in town" was removed. Residents identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. In the days leading to this, the floor mat was flipped upside down multiple times so that the wording could not be read. It was returned to the wrong place a few hours later.

This is believed to be a theft motivated by the offender’s bias which is a reportable offense under the federal Jeanne Clery Act. 

It is significant that this occurred during Pride Month as hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community remain on the rise across the state and country. 

What Is Being Done

Updated as of 6/30/23

A PIH report was submitted and the student and roommates have been supported by residential staff. Student Affairs Staff also reached out to support the reporting student. 

The incident was discussed at a residential community meeting. 

A Jeanne Clery Act report was filed by a campus security authority. 

Because this conduct is being investigated as a Clery reportable hate crime, it is not considered protected speech, and the person(s) who engaged in the conduct could be subject to legal or disciplinary action.

Queer Student Resources staff are aware of the incident and can serve as support systems for students. 

What to Do

If you experience bias or discrimination, please file a Protected Identity Harm report.

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