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Mental Health Resources at Stanford

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Disturbing Social Media Posts (8/29/21)

Review Completed

What Happened

On the morning of August 29, the University became aware of social media posts from a student that included images of a Stanford professor’s face marked out with red ink and juxtaposed with a guillotine, along with offensive posts including violent imagery directed at members of the Black community.

What Is Being Done

Updated as of 9/10/21

On August 29, over 600 PIH reports were submitted from across the community. 

At 5 p.m. August 29 President Marc Tessier Levigne sent out an all-campus email message noting he “found the posts and the images accompanying them outrageous and abhorrent” and noting “actively working on several fronts to address what has occurred, and to take actions to ensure the safety of our community.”

A follow-up message was sent on August 30, noting “the university has prohibited the student who authored the posts from entering Stanford’s campus or facilities.”

Listening sessions for all students who requested support through the PIH process were held September 1-7. 

Multiple communities sponsored check-ins and space to process.

What to Do

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