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Ongoing anti-Asian and other Harassment on Campus (between January 3 and April 6)

Review Completed

What Happened

During winter and early spring quarters, five campus incidents involving one or more aggressors yelling anti-Asian and other sentiments were reported to the university. Locations include Campus Drive and Welch Road, Campus Drive and Stock Farm Road, the Medical Center, and the Oval. No physically violent behavior was reported. In each case, the aggressor was described as a 50 to 60-year-old white male either riding a bike or driving by in a car. Targeted community members include staff, students and non-affiliates. Unfortunately, this is not new behavior. Similar incidents were reported in 2019 and 2021

In addition to repeatedly targeting Asians in general, the aggressor or aggressors made remarks about Hindus, Jews and Muslims. 

What Is Being Done

Updated as of 06/23/22

The person that the University believes to be responsible for the incidents has been notified that they are no longer permitted on campus.

Updated as of 04/27/22

The Stanford University Department of Public Safety is aware of these incidents and investigating these matters. 

The University strongly condemns this behavior and encourages community members to report incidents promptly. 

The Asian American Activities Center serves as Stanford’s primary resource for Asian and Asian American student affairs and community development. A3C is ready to support students and help them learn about resources and ways to be in community.

Many more university offices are ready to assist impacted students. These resources are listed here

No further incidents have been reported in the last two weeks. 

What to Do

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