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Restroom Vandalized with Homophobic Language (04/24/23)

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What Happened

On April 23, 2023, a student found hateful language written on the bathroom wall in a restroom on Sandhill Fields. Specifically, this vandalism was the phrase “ “F*uck Gays!” 

This incident is classified as a hate crime under CA Penal Code section 422.6(b). Vandalizing property particularly with words that demean and disparage a community is contrary to Stanford’s values. This type of language and behavior is unacceptable in our community. 

What Is Being Done

Updated as of 05/02/2023

A PIH Report was filed by a staff member on behalf of the student.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) also received a report and are investigating it as a hate crime. 

The vandalization has been cleaned from the restroom wall.

Because this conduct is a hate crime, it is not considered protected speech, and the person(s) who engaged in the conduct could be subject to legal or disciplinary action. 

Stanford Queer Student Resources is aware of the incident and can serve as a system of support for students. 

What to do:

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