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Mental Health Resources at Stanford

Community PIH Incidents & Updates

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We created this section to centrally house and communicate the PIH incidents that can potentially have a broad impact on the Stanford community. 


Report an Incident

The goals of this site are to ensure:

  • Timely reporting of reported incidents
  • Transparent and aggregate information
  • An easily and readily accessible online presence
  • To specifically address what happened in an incident and how the University is responding to it. 

Community Incidents & Updates Dashboard

This dashboard only includes PIH incidents that are hate crimes (or crimes motivated by hate), harassment, unlawful discrimination, or when a campus stay away letter or order of protection has been issued against the person alleged to have engaged in an incident. We will respond to all reported PIH incidents and we recognize all incidents may have harmful impacts, even if they do not rise to these levels. Learn more details on the incidents included on the dashboard.

The incidents on the dashboard will also be updated regularly as long as the University is reviewing the case. 

What PIH Incidents are Included?

Find out more about what incidents are included and why.

Talk to Someone

Learn about and connect to resources that may support you if you experienced harm from a bias incident.