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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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What PIH Incidents are Included?

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This dashboard only includes PIH incidents that affect the greater Stanford community and likely involve public safety concerns. Regardless of being posted here, we will respond to all reported PIH incidents, and we recognize all incidents have harmful impacts. Learn more details on the incidents included on the dashboard.

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Community PIH Incidents must:

• Fall under the definition of a PIH incident
• Be reported through the PIH Reporting form
• Happen on campus or off-campus at a University sponsored event/program (or affect the safety and security of the student community if they do not happen on campus or at sponsored event)

Community PIH Incidents

  • Community PIH Incidents likely involve an incident that rises to the level of:
    • A hate crime
    • Unlawful discrimination
    • Harassment 
  • Other considerations include:
    • the nature of the threat
    • whether any communication was protected speech
    • intentionality of harm
    • severity of harm
    • If the incident affects the safety and security of the student community (e.g.,more than one person impacted). 
  • Examples of incidents that will likely not be on this page, include but are not limited to: 
    • roommate or interpersonal conflicts, 
    • controversial events that meet University event planning requirements, or
    • an incident that targets an individual but does not have a community impact.
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A summary report listing all reported incidents will be published on an annual basis.

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Remember, the PIH Reporting process is focused on ensuring that students are seen and heard. 

Regardless of whether an incident meets the criteria for a Community PIH incident it should be reported and for students, should receive a response through our process.

Report an Incident