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Potential Theft of Palestinian Flag (01/23/24)

Review Completed

What happened:

Unknown individuals removed a flag that was hanging outside an on-campus faculty residence. The flag resembled the official Palestinian flag and had an image of a fist and the words "Free Palestine” superimposed. The faculty member does not identify as Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim.  

Additionally, on 1/28, after a new flag was installed, dog feces was smeared on the garage door beneath the flag. 

On 1/29 dog feces was placed beneath the flag.

Targeting people because of actual or perceived nationality or ancestry is a form of bias and contrary to Stanford’s values. 

What is being done:

Updated as of 02/06/24

Both additional incidents are being investigated as hate crimes per CA Penal Code 422.6.  

Updated as of 01/25/24.

After this crime was reported, a PIH report was submitted by DPS.

This incident is being considered for annual Clery Act statistics as a theft motivated by hate. 

The Markaz staff is aware of the incident and can serve as a support system as needed. 

The Faculty Staff Help Center staff is also aware of the incident and can be accessed as needed. 

What to do:

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