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Vandalism of a Palestinian Flag In Undergraduate Dorm (02/24/24)

Review Completed


What happened:

A paper Palestinian flag from a resident’s door in an undergraduate dorm was purposefully removed and ripped in half. 

Vandalism is a crime in the state of California. Stanford condemns any bias related to national ancestry and this incident is antithetical to our values.  It is absolutely unacceptable here. 

What is being done:

Updated as of 03/13/24

A PIH report was submitted on 03/10/24. 

ResEd staff have reached out to student leaders and the community in the dorm. 

The Markaz staff is aware of the incident and can serve as a support system as needed. 

The incidents have been shared with the Stanford University Department of Public Safety (DPS), which is reviewing facts to determine if they would result in a violation of the California Penal Code section addressing hate crimes. This incident is being considered for annual Clery Act statistics as a theft motivated by hate. 

What to do:

Actions for students/persons to take to respond to this event, can always include reporting a PIH